List of Electroplating Chemical Supply

ROHS Electroless Nickel

High-Phosphorus EN and Mid-Phosphorus EN.

Phosphating Chemicals

Room Temperature zinc phosphating and low temperature Manganese phosphating.

Aluminium Anodizing Chemicals

Long life etchant, Hard coat additives, Electrolytic colouring stabilizer and cold sealing additives.

Electroplating Brighteners

Acid Zinc, non-cyanide alkaline zinc, Nickel. Copper, Tin etc.

Post-treatment Chemicals

Trivalent chromating for blue, Rainbow and black copper and silver anti-tarnish chemicals.


Non-cyanide EN stripper, Tin Stripper, Stainless steel Jig stripper etc

Pre-treatment Chemicals

Alkaline degreaser, electrolytic cleaner, acid salts etc

ABS/PC Plating

Direct Metalization on ABS/PC technology

Black Tin – Nickel plating

Produce bright “jet black” deposit to satin “charcoal grey” finishes

Neutral Pure Tin Plating

Plating on electronic components with either ceramic or glass surfaces resistors or capacitors.