Why Treat Sewage?

1. To reduce the spread of communicable diseases caused by the pathogenic  organisms in the sewage and

2. To prevent the pollution of surface and ground water.

Aerobic Treatment Plant

WITCO Sewage treatment plants are specifically designed for municipalities, large divisions, housing developments, hospitals, industries, schools, villages, hotels, camps, slaughter houses, resorts, food processing factories.

Type of STP

  • Extended Aeration from 750 – 20,000 PE.
  • Package STP for 10 – 500 PE

MBR System


  • Antifouling : unique surface characteristics resistant to fouling contaminants
  • High Flux : high porosity and water permeability
  • Stability : very stable and resistant to oxidation & corrosive, long service life
  • High Performance : simple structure, easy operation and efficient separation
  • Easy Cleaning : easy to remove fouling contaminants by various cleaning method, such as air scouring, chemical cleaning, water flushing etc
  • Low Energy Consumption : low filtration resistance, low transmembrane pressure (TMP) amd low energy consumption